The Sierra. Third Stretch: Diaz Creek to Lone Pine.

My alarm woke me up to gentle winds whipping the tent in the soft blue morning light. I sighed out loud in relief. Another brutally cold night had passed, somewhere around 15F. I had spent the night trying to avoid cold spots in my too-small sleeping bag. What a mistake. The entire night consisted of me waking up every 45 minutes to check my phone, praying the time had flown past and it was close to morning.

My prayers were thoroughly unanswered.

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The Sierra. First Stretch: Kennedy Meadows to Olancha Pass Junction

I finally opened my eyes in the cold tent and sighed in irritation, letting out a visible column of breath.

I'd been awake for what seemed like hours. Hell, maybe I'd never actually fallen asleep. I adjusted my position in my sleeping bag for the twentieth time. Well, it wasn't my sleeping bag. I'd swapped out my 30F bag for Melanie's 20F bag, but it didn't feel any warmer... I was just barely able to fit inside the bag, so I was pushing into different parts of the sleeping bag, compressing the down and creating cold spots.

The 20F night wasn't helping.

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